On my never ending journey to learn valuable life lessons, this time it led me to the shores of Fiji in the South Pacific. I never really heard of Fiji, outside of the water, much less even know where it was located on the map. Nevertheless, I knew that the information gained on this adventure would benefit me, my family, and the world at large. Because one golden nugget of information shared in the right hands could be life changing. Please bear with me as I share my Fijian

First and foremost let me start with the beauty of the Fijian people. One of the enticements of going to Fiji was learning about the land of Fiji in a Tony Robbins book, “Awaken the Giant Within” The way Tony Robbins described the Fijian people, it was something I knew I wanted to experience firsthand. So when he offered one of his programs in Fiji,  I jumped at the opportunity of a lifetime.

The beauty of the Fijian people is that they are in the now. They are not stressing out about yesterday or tomorrow. There’s few iPhones, iPads, electronic devices amongst the Fijian people and the best form of social media is a volleyball game with laughing and chatting. In a matter of fact in restaurants there’s no wifi so that families from abroad can put down their devices and be present for each other. I learned in my travels, there’s a ton of villages and if one child is orphaned, the village takes care of the child or children.

So I found in Fiji, the real beauty are the diamonds you find in yourself and others, and the unique ways to find the expressions of your soul. During the first part of the retreat we did a cleansing fast, learned about healthy ways to take care of our bodies and our soul. I do believe this information should be given to our children in all schools around the world. It should be mandatory.  I’ll share some of the basic information hoping this valuable information can benefit someone on their journey.

Most diseases I’ve learned are brought on by the junk we put in our bodies. What we learned is we want to stop putting in the toxins and start putting in the nutrition. Simple right? The following may seem radical with what  I’m about to share  but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. I will outline the basics. What are the toxins, fortunately or unfortunately all the things we’ve come to love and have become addicted to as certainly Americans. 1) coffee (caffeine), 2) sugar (the silent killer), 3) wine and beer 4) meat and 5) dairy. You may be asking yourself, what can you eat as I did? Seems impossible I know and after a week of eating like this, the impossible seems possible. Eating like this gives you something, some have not had in years, ENERGY! The exchange of processed foods to the food gd put on this Earth. And while we are on the subject of toxins, I’ve learned we want to avoid deodorants (only ones made organically) and other household chemicals, etc….  I know it sounds like a lot to avoid. If you can stick to this regime, the benefits can be life changing!

So what can you put in your body 1) 75 % green vegetables raw (organic are best without pesticides) on your plate compared to the rest of your food 2) for every 50 pounds you weigh, 1 tablespoon of essential oils, (Udi’s oil has the essential blend of omega 3 and 6’s essential for your body), 3) For your body weight, you should be drinking half your weight in ounces.

So what are some dishes of foods that should be essential in our diets: juice drinks (kale, spinach, parsley, etc), a shot of wheat grass shots I’m told has 92 vitamins and minerals needed for a days nutrition, probiotics help aid in proper digestion. Now most people are not going to cut out meat and things of that nature from diets! If you are going to keep some of the toxins in your diet just be mindful to keep 75 percent on your plate with raw vegetables, compared to the other foods you may still be putting in your diet.

So why eliminate these toxins from your body? Because these toxins create an acidic environment in your body and that’s what I’ve been taught in this retreat where diseases can thrive. These toxins can cause inflammation and  clog our bodies. And the nutrients suggested above provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals for your body and energy to thrive.  Makes sense, out with the toxins, in with the nutrients.

What else is essential for your body to work at maximum capacity? To breathe regularly in a certain way: breathe in deep for 4 seconds, hold for 16 seconds, then release for 8 seconds. When you breathe in deep you are providing air and oxygenating your body, when you breathe in your stomach should be expanding and when you breathe out your stomach should be deflating. You should do this several times a day in a repetition of 10 times or so in a sequence.  Also lymphasing should be done daily, whether jumping jacks or rebounding ( jumping up and down on a trampoline) for at least 10 minutes a day. These strategies of breathing better provide your body with oxygen to deeper places in your body to allow your body to work better and get healthier. They also suggested getting a dry brush and combing your skin daily to support your body in working optimally. One final  tool for keeping your body fit is colonics which I won’t go into here but for those in the know, understand the benefit.

Now, the health of the soul and the things I discovered in that area. There are emotional blocks of tragedy in all of our bodies and there’s more than one way to release those toxins. My favorite example of this during the seminar was an intervention of sorts with a woman who was molested as a child. There was a singing coach who taught us we all have a voice inside that needs to be released. For this one woman called up, when she was first coached to sing her voice was meek and fragile. The coach saw in her groin area there was a blockage by placing his hand 10 inches away from different body parts, he could see the blocked area. When the voice coach saw there was a block in her groin area, the coach had her lean over and sing again. When she sang, doubled over, this woman bolted out the tunes with full capacity, with tears streaming down her eyes. It seemed for the first time ever she released the pain of being molested with a voice she lost long ago. It seems for the first time ever she was released of this pain and found her voice. After her coaching, this woman jumped with joy and freedom and there was not a dry eye in the room.

Another way we learned to deal with the ebb and flow of life, was through dance.  We all danced like maniacs with very primal music in the background, expressing our bodies emotions through movement. My personal favorite was the lesson taught through movement when chaos struck. We were to lean into the chaos and ride the wave instead of resisting. It was a wild ride and dance to feel joy, pain, chaos and godliness.

Some tips I’m taking home for my family is to eat better, to rebound (jump on a mini trampoline) for a time out for my son to reset our emotions.  And on that note an invaluable lesson for all was the mood meter. We were all taught how to check in with our mood and how to elevate it in a moments notice. One technique as noted above, is to rebound (jumping on a small trampoline for  five minutes) while blasting music. BELIEVE ME, it works!!!!  We’re supposed to check in with our mood meter several times a day, and if we don’t measure in where we want to be, we have the tools to change our state in a moment’s notice by strategies such as rebounding with music, drinking water, focussing on positive memories and lymphasing.

One other note on lymphasuzing, please  forgive me if I don’t give this over 100 percent understandably , our lymph system is a huge way to release toxins from our body, so jumping around, breathing deeply, exercise is essential for our bodies to work optimally and to release the toxins that build up in our bodies.

I believe this information found in this seminar should be in every middle school in the world. So the learning could start when kids are young, instead of when people are much older and disease has set in.  This information could save countless saves.  Isn’t save a life, sometimes, just educating people of how to take care the body that is gifted from G-d.  Save 1 Person. Save The World.