Seven years ago, I went to Tony Robbins UPW, his foundational course on self improvement and self empowerment.  On the last day of the seminar, it was all about health.  So much I didn’t know. Did you know that your plate should be 80 percent veggies and 20 percent other stuff like pasta and or meat or whatever you want to put on your plate?  Did you know that too much acid in your body causes disease?  Did you know that coffee creates a lot of acid in your body?  Did you know that wine creates a lot of acid in your body?  If you enjoy foods, unhealthy foods, it’s best to stay ignorant.  If you care about your body, there’s a lot of information that one can learn that could mean the difference between life and death.  Well in my case it certainly did mean between life and death, when I had my own health crisis. After this seminar, I stopped wine, coffee, and became conscious what I put in my mouth. Coming off coffee was agonizing.  I thought I was doing great and day 5 of no coffee I couldn’t get out of bed.  I felt like a ton of bricks hit me. That was the withdrawal effect kicking in.   I became obsessed with learning about health.  I recall Joseph (Tony’s fill in on the stage for his off days) tell the story of his own mom, when she was in the hospital with cancer, given a death sentence, Joseph insisted his mom cut out meat, dairy, fill her body with nutrients and his hard work paid off, his mother lived years and years after her death sentence from the doctors.  Also I did a cleanse with the Tony Robbins team lead by the fearless Loren Lahav.  At that time I was on thyroid medication.  During the seminar and cleanse, my heart started beating rapidly.  I was concerned and checked in with an ER doctor who was in the seminar.  The doctor told me that since I did the cleanse, my body chemistry is changing, and not to take the medication.  The doctor advised me when I got back to NY to check in with internist and have her take my blood levels.  I did and my thyroid levels were normal ever since.  And I have not taken that medication since.  Everyone said you have to take thyroid medication for life, once you start taking it.  I also went to the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico to learn about health.  The founder, Anne Wigmore had stage four cancer in her 50’s, through diet, wheat grass, sprouts, eliminating unhealthy foods, she became cancer free without surgery and or chemo.  Then she taught people until her eighties how to regain their health through diet and lifestyle. Ann Wigmore died in her eighties not from disease, from a fire. There are countess stories, of people healing the bodies through food and lifestyle.  I just finished a series of books from the Medical Medium, Anthony Williams.  What I love about his story is he claims the spirit of compassion told him how to heal people.  His books are fascinating.  He started the celery juice phenomenon and at 4 he told his grandmother she had lung cancer and he didn’t even know what lung cancer was.  One big take away from his books and teachings is that oils, any types of oils even healthy oils like Avocado and nuts, clog the liver from cleansing. So while cleansing it’s best to eliminate all oils.  His book, Life Changing Foods is fascinating.  The book Lists 50 different fruits and veggies and what they heal in your body and what conditions they defend against.  Food is medicine, it’s preventive and can and has reversed conditions.  Education is empowerment. I highly recommend taking some time to heal your mind, body and spirit at the Ann Wigmore Institute and start on the road of putting your health first in educating yourself, cleansing yourself and then nurturing others with this life-saving information click here to start your journey –  Ann Wigmore Institute