Sometimes saving a life, is simply allowing people ADMISSION into your life. Recently I had the unique opportunity to go to the screening of ADMISSION starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd with a conversation before the screening with the world famous Tina Fey and Director Paul Weiss. What a treat. This event was hosted by the jet setting Moms (

The movie was fantastic! ADMISSION had many life lessons about what creates a family. Every family unit is unique and different. This movie delves into choices we make in life and regrets we may have later on in life about our choices. Getting into Princeton is nothing, compared to letting others into our heart and soul.  This movie explores in a thought provoking, entertaining and at times, gut wrenching honesty what it takes to allow people to love us and to be loved. Saving lives, can simply be, allowing ADMISSION into our own lives.

To hear words of wisdom from Tina Fey and Director Paul Weiss moderated by the Moms click here: