The moms ( hosted another fun, fabulous event, this time for the Broadway show of Cinderalla. You go moms, taking over the entertainment world and bringing fellow mommies along for the ride. After the show there was a talk back with the cast, how exciting.

Watching the play, I didn’t really know what to expect. My only experience of Cinderalla was from the Disney animated show from years ago when I was kid. So I was thinking how does this Broadway show relate to saving a life? We all know the story of Cinderalla, what I was surprised about was how this magical play keeps faith and hope alive in all of us, really. From the fairy godmother, to forgiveness of the evil step mother to Cinderalla finding her prince, I personally was sitting on the edge of my seat, soaking in every magical word and hoping along with Cinderalla she is united with her prince. This play awakens hope and faith. Cinderalla reminds us that dreams and desires really can be fulfilled, this may be a play but it really rings true to saving al life. Saving a life, sometimes we need a theatrical reminder our prayers will and can be answered, so at the end of the day we can all wear our own beautiful glass slippers.

Hear from the Broadway actress who plays Cinderalla, Laura Osnes, what it feels like to have her own dreams fulfilled:

As a mention, we all received fabulous gift bags from Trish McEvoy, with eye essentials for any princess. Thanks @WillaSkincare and @andeandream and of course the fabulous Moms ( for reminding us we are all royalty in our own unique way.