After going through a health crisis of my own  in May of 2018 (and even a few years  before) I became obsessed with health education.  What is health?  Is it physical?  Is it spiritual?  Is it that mind/body connection?  After seeing so many people in need through my work at Save One Person I always felt there has to be a better plan than putting a band aid on a symptom (Why get to the point of needing a life-saving kidney or liver if it can be prevented?).  Maybe, if there was more prevention in place there wouldn’t be a need for life-saving operations.  Why wait until it is too late?  Is it possible to avoid these situations altogether?  Why do some people eat healthy and get sick and others don’t eat healthy and don’t get sick?  Are people who are depressed more inclined to get sick?  Does stress cause death?  How can you control stress in a stress-filled world?  Can people really heal their bodies with their mind as some contend like Dr. Joe Dispenza and Theta Healing?  When I tell some people about the workshops I attend I’m met with disbelief that you can actually be helped outside of regular modern medical conventions, but yet these seminars always hold some type of truth for me. Attending Tony Robbins’ workshop UPW was the first time I thought about what I put into my mouth.  The fourth day of the workshop, health day, I found out that 80 percent of your diet should be alkaline (filled with greens); wearing wire under your bra can cause breast cancer; you should drink eight to ten glasses of water each day; etc.  I became obsessed with the mind/body connections in recent years, which led me to such programs as Anne Wigmore, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Theta Healing and my most recent cleanse at “Voice in the Wilderness” in the Berkshires.  Since I’ve been blessed and able to participate in these life-saving programs it is not only my duty but privilege to share the knowledge.  If only one person can benefit then it was worth the time and effort I put into these programs. I’ve been exploring health because without it you have nothing.  I wanted this blog to be about a recent ten day cleanse journey I participated in at “Voice in the Wilderness” in the Berkshires.  I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the large house in the middle of nowhere.  As a matter of fact, I couldn’t sleep the first night I was there because I realized I didn’t tell anyone where I was going.  But after the first morning when I met the goddesses running the program, Sheree, Danielle and Jurea, I felt like I was home with angels guiding my healing journey. The first concept I was introduced to was to cleanse your body every morning with what was called a flush, which is basically sea water in clean water, and you drink eight glasses of it to start your day.  You run to the bathroom every ten minutes.  I asked why this flush as opposed to colonics.  I was told  this hits your whole digestive track from the mouth to your rear end whereas a colonic only gets a  section of your colon clean.  Tony Robbins says when making decisions put on your common sense hat and see if it makes sense; it certainly did.  Then we were told to drink another eight glasses of water before we had the experience of nutrition again.  The program was attempting to rid us of toxins in the body and colon.  So, hence the reason they called it the flush.  After several hours of sea water and water, you then received your morning nutrition.  No, it was not pancakes and sausages, it was small cups of a heavy blend of different nutrients that are filled with a pack full of vitamins, minerals and various other nutrients.  There was a small green drink, red drink and mud drink, also a handful of supplements tailored to the individual’s health issues.  This was, more or less, the meal for the first three days at ll a.m. and 4 p.m.  Then at 7 p.m  we were given a tea of sorts.  The whole idea of the first several days was to clean out your colon; get rid of the nasty toxins; and replace the toxins with drinks full of nutrients.  In between these days we took saunas that were 190 plus Fahrenheit degrees.  Then after we couldn’t bare the sweltering heat any more Danielle, the owner, would take freezing cold well water and put it over our head and body.  when Danielle first hosed my body I went into shock.  I literally couldn’t breathe, asking her to stop numerous times.  The idea behind this is that you sweat out all your toxins and the cold pushes more toxins out so when you go back to the sauna you are sweating out a new layer of toxins.  You could actually see the toxins on one participant’s towel after the sauna.  It was quite the experience.  The next three days consisted of doing the flushes and eating real raw food that was much appreciated after three days of only drinks.  I never appreciated wholesome food as much.  Jurea, the cook and member of the team at “Voice in the Wilderness”, made pates much to our delight, made of seeds and herbs.  The veggies and fruits were beautifully displayed.  My favorite was the cucumber dressing which tasted more like desert than salad dressing.  Jurea had her own health crisis, and what’s divine is she felt because her life had been spared she wanted to share with the world her miraculous gifts, one gift being her books she wrote: Real Food Recipes and More Real Food Recipes by Jurea L. Dawson filled with healthy, delicious recipes.  I bought both of her books and am tremendously enjoying the recipes.  The last days of the program consisted of drinking special teas that Danielle, the owner, concocted.  The teas were supposed to do a deep cleanse of your liver and other organs.  The teas were not especially good, and the last days of the program were the hardest.  It was then that I felt dizzy and weak.  Danielle said parts of the body would ache, and usually that would indicate the part of the body that was releasing toxins.  On the first day of the program Danielle took some blood and then again on the last day  so we could see the before and after pictures of our blood.  On the last day my blood appeared to be healing in certain organs.  Every day Danielle would take your vitals:  blood pressure and weight.  I lost five pounds during my cleanse; a very stubborn five pounds that I happily took off.  I think the real change though, more important than a cleanse, is the education around health.  The why…..I think that a big part of children’s education is missing; life-saving information for our youngsters.  And that’s a jewel that this program offers.  Eight key points were taught and are the core of all healthy living:  sunshine, temperance, oxygen; sleep; trusting in divine power; nutrition; exercise; and water.  Really these are the foundations for healthy living.  It makes sense.  But can we really do it, as the garbage hits the fan????  The first step is just being aware and that awareness is what the morning classes provided mixed in with learning about some new recipes through Jurea’s raw cooking classes.  At the end of the day i really enjoyed this program:  for the cleanse; for the knowledge; for the angels at this mission doing G-d’s work.  People who are very sick and people who just want to prevent themselves from getting sick find this piece of heaven in the middle of nowhere rebuilding themselves after life pushes them down. So, is it the mind or body that gets you sick?  Is it the environment, or is it the luck of the draw?  I think one will never know and perhaps sometimes it goes both ways.  But one thing for sure is as G-d entrusted us with our bodies to carry out our own personal mission and it’s our responsibility to take care of the body as best we can while we are here on this planet called Earth.  We need to shine the diamonds that G-d gave us.  If you give a car a tune up how much more important is it to give your body a tune up?  If anyone is interested in preventing disease, getting rid of a disease, or just for a time to take care of your mind, body and spirit, I highly recommend dancing and learning from that “Voice in the Wilderness” in the Berkshires.  Save One Person, Save the World