I desperately need help right now. I have always found a way to “pull myself up by my bootstraps”, but right now I have reached a place that I can describe as standing at the edge of a great abyss, wanting and hoping to be able make the leap across, but knowing that I cannot make it on my own this time. As I have read in some of the postings of your site, I too have always tried to help others whenever and however I can. I have tought my two children to always acknowledge the humanity in everyone, especially those who are having a hard time; to not only give what you can to the homeless man you see on the street; but to stop for a minute and look him in the eye and let him know even for that one moment there is someone who cares, is not repulsed by him;who acknowledges his humanity. And I have always gained something from the things that I have been able to do for others…it always makes me feel good. I recently read a quote from the Talmud, “Kindness is the highest from of wisdom.” I do believe this is true.

I am a single mother of two children, my 11 year old son has been suffering with severe depression for months now. I just lost my job due to the fact that I missed considerable days dealing with Max’s illness.
Today is the 3rd of the month and my landlords are calling threatening to begin eviction measures if I do not have their rent now! My car is a 1987 model and has no heat or defroster, it’s registration and tags have been expired since August 2008 and I have received two tickets for driving without current registration and tags, Both my daughter and I seriously need an appointment with the eye doctor and new prescriptions for our glasses and we are both months overdue for our annual gynecological appointments, I no longer have a home phone and my kids’ cell is currently disconnected…mine will be any moment, perhaps today…my internet may be turned off at any moment also-my kids need it for homework..and I feel so afraid that any moment I will be “cut off” from means to help my kids and myself. My auto insurance is due. I lost our health insurance last August, retroactively after my son underwent hand surgery in October;I could not pay premiums for Sept and Oct and subsequently I now owe thousands in medical bills. We have literally been living on bread and peanut butter. All of my utility bills are serously overdue. I know this all sounds so pitiful, I am scared and feel alone. My parents were killed in an airplane crash when I was 8 years old and I really have no family…my childrens’ fathers do not participate in their lives..no grandparents either.

I currently owe for two months of my son’s counselling and at his appointment yesterday was informed that we cannot return until we have paid at least half of what I owe. He really needs this help every week. The stress of all of this is weighing so heavily on me, I am having a hard time staying focussed.I have made it through a lot in my life…even 3 spinal surgeries from 2000-2005.

Right now I really, really need to know that someone out there cares and wants to help me get back on my feet. I know that I CAN find a new job,continue on and not only care for my family, but also again be able to help others…I just need to get across this abyss and hit the ground running on the other side.

Thank you so very much for establishing this site. Thank you to any and every one who cares enough to take the time to read this. If you can help us, it will be so greatly appreciated. Thank you all. Sincerely-Laura Foster fauraloster@aol.com 240.277.1344