Name: jessica izaguirre
Phone: 8327156631

City: houston
State/Province: tx
Zip Code: 77084
Country: usa
Comments: my aunt was a severe diabetic she passed on sept 05 2006 her
daughter cristina is following that path she is extremely sick and does
dialysis 3 times a week she is dire need of a kidney . she has a 8 yr
old daughter who is disabled to boot. she has a strong desire to live
not only for herself but for her daughter as well . lizzie’s father would
have nothing to do wit a disable child so left cristina alone to raise
her.. we are still deeply sadden by aunts passing and we are afraid we
will lose her too. i read your article in the enquirer and felt like it
was the answer to our prayers from God .. we could really use some help
with no money and very little time we would appreciate any help that
you can give us..our hopes and dreams are to see cristina as the vibrant
mother she once was, however thanks for any help you may bring us and
may God bless your organization 7×7 to be friutful in all
………….God bless you guys