My mom is 48 years old and in desperate need of a kidney.  SHe is a mother of 2, a wife, and grandmother of 8.  She is very special to our family in many ways.   She is always there for everyone, to lend a helping hand, some good advice, or just a shoulder to cry on.   She lost one kidney many years ago, and her one kidney is functioning at 9%.  She starts dialysis on Monday and is truly scared to death.   We love her, and like many people, do not want to lose her over this.   Many family members have went through the screening process to donate and for one reason or another have been excluded.   We are now looking to our community and honestly even a strangers help.  Have you ever wanted to do something noble and very heroic?   Donating your kidney to someone in need would be just that…if not to my mom, please consider this beautiful gift you can give someone who is in dire need.

If you would like to be screened to donate for my can reach me at