Good Morning I was watching channel 11 in regards to the good work that you did for a doctor that needed a donor for an organ transplant. My sister has been suffering for the past 5 years and needs a liver transplant I cannot give her part of my liver because unfortunately I am 63 years old and they will not take me they said I was too old. My sister has been going to doctors for all kind of complications that have come up as her condition is getting worse. She is on a liver transplant list but she has not had any luck yet. She is 61 years old. Is their anything that you can suggest I do or any organization or if it can be put out their that she is in need of a liver donor that can help her. I know that their are some angels out their that would help her but I haven’t been able to find one yet. The man that donated part or his organ to the doctor was selfless and a good human being. I am hoping that their is someone out their that is willing to be tested and may be a possible match for my sister. She too is a good human being… Please can you help us? If you can be a living liver donor please email me at God Bless You and thank you for any help you can give. Sincerely, Lucy Arcario-Esposito