Please print this message in your webpage andThank You for your work on helping people in need !!!

My name is Patricia and I am of a mexican descendence I am 56 yrs old and in a great need of a kidney. I had a kidney failure last year on March. I am on pd dyalisis and both of my kidneys had failed. I am registered at the Sutter Delta Hospital in Sacramento California awaiting for a living or cadaver kindney, otherwise I am in general ok health, (I refuse to feel pity for myself) but this decease prevents you from living a normal live and keeping a job, you are always tired and there is a lot of things you can not do any more and have to depend on others for help, when you have been independent and self supported this represents a big hit on your life. However, I have a lot of faith, a great family moral support (just beceause they all have Diabetes and can not be live donors) and hope that God will decide to send me someone that would like to help me w/the gift of life….a new kidney. I know that this world has many people in need and that we are many in this same daring situation, therefore, all I can do is pray and even if you decide no to help me but someone else, please know that I will always keep you on my prayers for your generosity of the gift of life. If you are interested in contact me, I am a blood type O, my email address is Thanks and God Bless You!1