16)—— Response Form for saveoneperson.org————-

Name: Sifa Faumui
Phone: 408-836-1829
State/Province: CA
Zip Code: 95122
Country: USA
EMail: smf140@hotmail.com
Comments: My cousin’s wife’s been on the list for a kidney transplant, and so far, she hasn’t gotten any luck yet. Her health is slowly failing. She’s had so many, many surgeries already. . .she’s going through chemo treatment right now for a tumor on her neck. She’s getting weak each passing day. She’s a mother of 2teenage boys, and a 10yr old girl. She’s also a Pastor’s wife. . she’s a wonderful person, giving her life for the Lord. She goes through Dialysis. . she’s been in and out of the hospital a hundred times over and over again. She’s had surgery almost everywhere on her body due to her illness. I’m desperately asking for help on a kidney transplant, please. Her son might have to give up his other kidney for his mother, if she doesn’t get a kidney soon. . and this is his senior year in high school. Please, if there’s anything you can do to help my cousin’s wife, I will be forever grateful. Lastnight, I will just talking to my cousin about his wife’s condition, and today I read your paper and found this on it. Is it a coincidence or God telling me that there is hope for her? Desperately need a kidney, please. Thank you so much, and may God bless!