This is a Save 1 Person News Break Alert.

Save 1 Person. Save The World.


A 24-year-old girl needs four transplants to stay alive.



Molly Pearce from Santa Monica California was born with

Hirschsprungs Disease, a rare disorder in which parts of the large intestine

have no nerves and cannot function.


Molly needs a deceased organ donor with O blood to donate 4 organs to her- a kidney, small intestine, pancreas and liver. Doctors have informed Molly in order to avoid possible future rejection, all organs would have to come from one deceased O donor.



The following sounds harsh and could save a life.

Do you know anyone on life support, who’s legally brain dead who’s family would consider being a directed donor to Molly?


Watch a news piece on Molly’s dire situation.


If you think you can help please go to with your contact information.


The purpose of this Save 1 Alert is to save Molly.