At Save One Person, we’re dedicated to connecting people in need with living organ donors by using the power of media and communications. Through this strategy, we’ve helped people all across the world receive organ and bone marrow transplants that have saved their lives. Integral to our mission are our media partners, who use their wide network to broadcast a message of hope and life.

Save One Person is the vision of our founder and CEO, Lauren Finkelstein. Since starting the Save One Person media campaign in 2002, Lauren has grown the campaign into a robust nonprofit organization. With her background in media and her commitment to making the world a better place, Lauren’s leadership is a major contributor to Save One Person’s expanding reach.

In addition to founder and CEO, Lauren has recently become an author. Her book, Save Me, Save The World: A Guide To Becoming A Superhero is now available in the Save One Person Shop. This book chronicles Lauren’s journey to inner strength and imparts the wisdom she’s learned along the way. More than being a personal story, Save Me, Save The World contains life lessons that can be used in any situation. No matter who you are, you can benefit from harnessing your inner strength and becoming the superhero you are capable of being. Learn more about Lauren Finkelstein and her book by visiting our shop.