I feel strongly that if you put out information in the world, the right person will hear the message at the right time, just when it’s needed to touch and change a person’s life at the exact right time.  I stumbled across a company by coincidence, who’s doing just that – G-d’s work. I stood up at a meeting to speak about cleanses for the body and how preventive medicine is always the best medicine. I also spoke about the SaveOnePerson App.  An App that maches people who need living organ donors with people who want to save a life. Rogier a VP at BCM Industries approached me after the meeting and told me about this ground-breaking company that’s going to change the way people who need transplants receive life-saving help. What are they doing?  Our job here at Save One Person is to help people find living organ donors through the media. But what if you didn’t need that? What if you could  grow new healthy cells  and insert those healthy cells into the organ and then those helathy cells multiply and repair the failing organ? That’s exactly what BCM Industries is doing… Watch these videos and learn more….