This is a Save a 6-Year-Old Alert.

Doctors are asking a mom and dad in Houston, Texas

 to give up hope on their six year old, Refael Eilisha Cohen.  Refael has agressive brain cancer.

Is that acceptable to any parent?

The Cohens are turning to an experimental treatment called

Antineoplaston Therapy to save their child’s life.

The FDA pulled the approval for this treatment in 2012 pending further clinical trials for this treatment.

The FDA has the power to approve a “compassionate use exemption” so Refael can undergo

treatment.  Refael does not have time to wait.  The FDA can approve this treatment, now.

We want to give this child, a shot at life and not die because of red tape.

To watch a video of this boy’s dire situation click here:

Click here to save Refael and simply sign a petition:

The purpose of this Save 1 Alert is to Save Refael.