What is health?  Is it what you eat?  Is it what you do to exercise?  Is it what you think?  In my CANI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement) journey I participated in a Dr. Joe Dispenza week-long retreat (seminar). Dr. Joe, in my opinion, is a genius.  He combines science with spiritual realms of existence to bring to his audience the miraculous.  His background story is as follows:  at 24 he was hit by a truck.  Dr. Joe was told he would never walk again.  They wanted to rush him into surgery to reconstruct his spine.  Dr. Joe declined.  He went home and meditated for three months reconstructing his spine one vertebrae at a time.  Dr. Joe was successful.  He claims he put his spine together with his mind and defied doctors’ predictions that he would never walk again and walked to his new future without surgery. Ever since that time he’s been on a mission to teach people how to heal and expand their horizons through meditation where you go inward to a new reality.  You connect emotionally, spiritually and physically with the consciousness of the divine through meditation and breath.  Dr. Joe specifically said to the seminar participants:  please don’t try to teach this to others so as not to take away the purity of this work or distort it.  My musings are not to teach but just to question and expand one’s mind. So, the concepts that blew me away are third, fourth and fifth dimension reality.  The third dimension, according to what I understand, is height, width and space.  So, for instance, if you want to travel from point A to point B it’s pretty straight forward.  At Dr. Joe’s seminar they showed an animated plane that took off from one location and landed at another.  But in the fifth dimension, you stand still and what you desire comes to you because space and time do not exist.  I’ve jumped ahead of myself before giving a glimpse into the fourth dimension, which is the door to the quantum field where you enter as no one and nothing.  You take your attention off the particle; transcend the speed of light; and enter into pure consciousness.  This is the doorway to the fifth dimension:  it’s, more or less, getting beyond your repetitive thoughts to nothingness; not thinking about the past or future; where the eye of the needle where you enter is pure consciousness; it’s getting beyond yourself where you have only the present.  The fifth dimension is where time and space do not exist; it’s the realm of multi-universes; it’s the place where time is eternal; it’s the realm of frequency, oneness, unity, no separation.  Everything is connected and related. According to what I understand, we change our destiny, our future, by entering the fifth dimension in our minds.  There it is possible to enter a deep meditative state where you become nothing.  Why?  Because there’s no time and/or space and what you want to manifest can happen quicker if that’s where you place your intention.  Hence, that is why there are some spontaneous healings in these retreats.  Dr. Joe told us that tumors on some people have disappeared; skin rashes have disappeared; a person can get up and walk after being wheel chair bound because in the fifth dimension there is no time and space.  This is energy affecting matter; not matter affecting matter. What does it all mean to me and what is my experience from this week long retreat:  There were a lot of meditations.  During and after the meditations there were feelings as though I left my body; lots of light sparks; but the most prominent feeling was ease, peace and being blissed out.  According to Dr. Joe, during meditation through breath when you stimulate the pineal gland it releases a whole host of feel good chemicals better than any hallucinogenic drug.  Those chemicals are g-d made and naturally in everyone’s body.  The pineal gland is so important because it is in the back of the brain, and getting breath to stimulate the gland activates it to become like a transducer which sends out a signal similar to a TV antenna so you have a full sensory experience with the energy in the “field”. Nothing comes without a price.  Meditation must be a daily practice.  If you want to connect with the divine. you must become part of the divine, and when you connect to the divine things come to you.  The idea behind meditation is if you meditate over and over again it becomes familiar and then those feelings become familiar all the time.  The process of change happens when you get conscious of your unconscious thoughts.  Every time you get over anger and frustration you’re reprogramming your brain to become a new you.  One fact I found fascinating was with regard to Covid.  There are teams of scientists attached to this research to show the before and after results of the seminar.  The scientists took blood samples, brain scans and monitored the heart to see the results of before and after taking the seminar.  One test was when a team took blood from one participant before and after the retreat and froze the sample.  They took the blood taken before the seminar and infected it with a Corona-like virus.  After the retreat was over the blood taken before the seminar turned out to be infected with the Corona-like virus and the blood taken after the seminar was over was not infected with the virus..  Did I come back a different person?  I still look the same, but I feel more peaceful, less reactive, more hopeful and more excited about life.  Keep in mind it’s like going to the gym.  It should be a daily practice; not a one-shot deal.  It would be negligent of me if I didn’t mention the best part of the whole retreat which was the walking meditations on the beach.  You listen to the meditations, and you hear words of encouragement, faith, love.  You walk to the sunset and sunrise with these words vibrating through your body in order to reprogram your brain to step into a new future.  I loved the retreat.  It was fascinating to hear the spiritual, emotional and physical healing stories.  I loved being in a beautiful environment which put a new tool in my tool box for inner peace. When we step into the unknown that’s where the mystical meets you and there’s this emergence of oneness.  It’s hard to explain an experience of oneness as you cross that river (as Dr. Joe says), but I can tell you this….it was an out of this world experience.  I just feel grateful for the experience, knowledge and introduction to Dr. Joe’s work.  The prestigious University of California/San Diego has partnered with Dr. Joe’s work and findings because when the spiritual world enters the medical world, miracles are the norm.  Save One Person.  Save The World.

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