I am a mother of a 30 year old young woman who has kidney failure as a complication of diabetes. I know that on May 25 you had a story about a 21 year boy who was asking for the similar help. Unfortunately I did not see it on that day. Our friends told us about it and we saw it on Google. This is a really touching story, especially when you have somebody very close to you suffering with the same.  I know that a lot of people watch your program and there definitely  was a response. I hope that Alan Finkelstein did find his donor. If more than one person responded and you have their contacts may I ask  you to readdress my request to them?  Our family emigrated from Russia more than 20 years ago. Marianna, our daughter, was 7 years old at that time. She always was a bright girl and made to Stuyvesant High School. When she was 14 she was diagnosed with diabetes.  She graduated from George Washington University in Washington, DC as a costume designer. After the college she returned to New York and a couple of years later she was admitted into New York Teacher Fellowship and became an ESL teacher. Her creativity that first made her to become a theatre costume designer helps her in her new profession  She works at an elementary school in East New York. All her students adore her. She can talk about them for hours and when she does you understand that each of them is a big separate world for her. She finds individual approach to every single student and that is what makes them succeed. Her students always show very good results and join regular class very shortly. After 3 years teaching she went to Columbia University Teachers College, graduated in 2 years and as a devoted teacher returned to her school. She achieved all her results while fighting with terrible complications from her main disease. This year her complications became so severe that she had to take medical leave. She is facing to start dialysis. The doctors say that in her case the best way is to avoid it and find a kidney donor. If she can get the transplant she could return to her students within a couple of months. Thank you very much for your understanding. 

Irina Freydlin

Bayside, NY