So here I am again…


I have been here before; but hopefully will not be here again.  I have been on Peritoneal Dialysis (through the abdomen) since November of 2000.  Since contracting Uremic Pericarditis in September of 2008; I have been on leave of absence from my job as a representative for Newspaper Subcriber Services, where I was only able to work part time. 

The first absence had me have a surgery (awake at that!) to have a vascular catheter put into my neck, in order for me to begin Hemo Dialysis to get rid of the heart infection.  I was only supposed to be on that for two or three weeks at the most.  I have now been on Hemo Diallysis since Oct 2008.   Due to the restricted diet associated with this type of dialysis — I ended up going into Cardiac Arrest twice on March 24th, 2009; because of high potassium levels.  They had to shock my heart twice to restart it; once in the emergency room, and then again in the ICU.  I spent a week in hospital before they would let me leave; and have had uncontrollable high blood pressure ever since.

When I say uncontrollable – it is common place for me now to have blood pressures in the range of 170/110 all day, every day.  When they can get it under control for an hour or two; my body is so unuse to it, that I feel completely abnormal.  They have me on a daily dose of 160 mg of Adalat, 100 mg of Cozaar, 50 mg of Carvedilol; as well as a 0.3 mg patch of Clonidine.  When I go in to start dialysis; they have to give me Captrapril at the beginning, and another 0.3 mg of Clonidine at the end to keep me at the “normal blood pressure” range I am used to. 

Hemo and I are not getting along in the least; and I am now having to do four sessions of Peritoneal Dialysis a day; in addition to the twice weekly, four hour hospital sessions of Hemo Dialysis.   They won’t let me go back to work; because my heart is only working at 30% for now; and the nausea / migraines that Hemo causes make it so that I can barely get out of bed; let alone eat properly.

I have used up all 15 weeks of Unemployment Insurance that I am entitled to; and am having an extemely hard time trying to support my 9 year old daughter on the money I receive from Disability ($800 / month).  That could be because my rent alone is $827 a month.  I do receive a bit of child support ($440) and Child Tax ($250) – but when you add that all up; you can probably tell that I don’t have enough money coming in to take care of all the bills.  Did I mention that I am single parent to a 9 year old; and have been raising her by myself since she was 2?  I tend to forget that not everyone knows me….

I am my only support system; although I have some great friends who have done their best to help out as they can. 

What I am coming to you today to ask for is financial help.  Any amounts would be welcome; and they can be sent through Paypal as a secure option for you.  The account would be under ” “.  Though; I certainly would not turn down a kidney donation either….

I hate to say that I’ve kind of given up on the kidney transplant at this point….I have antibody levels of 97% (which means that my antibodies tend to “kill off” 97 % of the populations antibodies) – making a good match hard to find.  I am registered on the donor lists in Minneapolis / Dakotas , Manitoba, and Alberta –  but no luck so far.  I believe that God will send me the perfect match yet; he’s just trying to find it for me.  I will be patient.

In the meantime; I just need help meeting the expenses of everyday.  If you can help in anyway – I would appreciate it emmensely….

Thank you so much; and the best of luck to all of you out there having to deal with your own issues — be they health, emotional, or whatever….we all have our own “thing” to deal with; and just have to remain strong…..