Help Me Howard, of PIX’s Channel 11, did a news segment with us on colon cancer… Watch the segment and get tested:


Lauren Finkelstein has helped us on a number of stories. She runs a site called It’s dedicated to getting the word out to try to match people who need lifesaving transplants with potential donors. We’ve seen several lives saved with her help. But a few months ago, Lauren needed help.

A colonoscopy found she had a tumor. She says it was a shock when she heard it from the doctor.

“Here’s the number of a surgeon and an oncologist,” she says the doctor told her. “I hope to see you next year.”

She says it was that cold.

Lauren first tried a holistic diet, meditation and acupuncture. But she eventually needed surgery. It was successful.

Lauren wants to make an important point. If it could happen to someone as health conscious as she is, it could happen to you. Don’t delay getting tested. Get tested at the ages doctors say is appropriate or even earlier. Definitely go earlier if there’s a history of some type of cancer in your family.

Here’s a link to the current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.