Name: Annette Ferrara
Phone: 805-501-9673

City: Simi Valley
State/Province: California
Zip Code: 93065
Country: USA
Comments: My husband, Ted, has end stage renal failure. He started to
go through the process of having the testing done for a kidnet
transplant, but we have hit a brick wall. He is an over weight, 54 year old
teddy bear. Unfortunately, our insurance will not cover any type of
gastic bypass surgery. Without this surgery, my sweet, gentle “teddy bear”
willnot have the chance to watch his 3 daughters continue into
adulthood, ie… college graduation, financial security, weddings, then then
the best of it all…grandbabies.
I know I am rattling on, but I am so confused and depressed over this
hole situation. Ted is in need of help and I do not know where to turn.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.