He Is A Remarkable Man My name is Sheila Blunt and I am writing on behalf of my boyfriend, Darren Bennett. Darren is presently in a New York City hospital with renal disease. Darren is in desperate need of a kidney. He is receiving hemodialysis every other day and is scheduled to leave the hospital in a couple of days. Darren is to continue his hemodialysis treatment as an outpatient in the next few days at a hemodialysis center upon leaving the hospital. A little history on Darren, he is a great individual. I have known Darren for 9 years and he is the greatest person you can meet. He has a great personality and will help anyone that needs it. He is a hardworker and a great cook. The doctors call him “a miracle” because his condition is clinically bad but his physical being makes him feel as though there is nothing wrong. Upon his notification on his failing health, Darren still continued to work and not let his knowledge of the severity of his health keep him from functioning normally. He has his family’s abundant support, even his place of employment is praying and rooting for his speedy recovery and that keeps Darren’s spirit on a positive level. He is strong willed and a very strong minded man. Darren and I recite Psalm 23 each and every time we get the chance. He is a strong believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and feels in his spirit that God will see him through this. I am praying that whomever reads this can really consider getting Darren the help he so desperately needs. He is a patient man and anappreciative man, as well. I am praying that a miracle is done and Darren and my prayers will be answered. Whatever help that is in your capacity that you put forth to Darren will be grately appreciated. God Bless You and May Heaven Smile Upon you! Sincerely yours, Sheila Blunt SUBMITTED BY: sheilasosoft2007@yahoo.com POSTED: 04/15/07