Can You Help Me? To whom it may concern…at age 11 I was diagnosed with a solitary pelvic kidney. They had to operate to fix it and everything was fine. When I reached age 35yrs old during an operation to be able to have my children my kidney failed and I was on dialysis for a year. My brother Greg gave me one of his kidneys. After the transplant my wife, children and myself moved to Nashville, TN with her job. After a year she divorced me in which case she dropped me from her insurance. I was without my anti rejection medicine for 4yrs and my kidney at that point was really bad but my doctor did her best to save it. After I lived in TN for 8yrs. my last year there my kidney failed and my body rejected it. I came back to Pennsylvania and after awhile I had to go back on dialysis. I’ve been back on dialysis for 3yrs. My kidney has absolutely no function and I am awaiting a new transplant. Please contact me if you can help in finding a match for a kidney transplant. I am 50yrs old and would still like to continue to pursue a relationship with my children who still reside in TN. Can you help me? SUBMITTED BY: POSTED: 04/20/07