Elaine Receives the Gift of Life from a Directed Donor!

Elaine DeLeon did not have it easy. After 200 people responded to the Fox segment, a woman went through six months of testing and was approved to be a kidney donor. Approximately a week before the surgery, the hospital informed Elaine that she did not have the right insurance which made the potential donor back out. Elaine went on dialysis without giving up hope. Elaine appeared on various radio and TV segments to put her prayers into action. As fate unfolded, Elaine’s close friend’s mother had an asthma attack and she suddenly died. Her son, made Elaine the direct donor for his mom’s kidney.  Through tears, effort and prayer, Elaine keep up her fight for her kidney so her three kids could see their mommy alive.  A week or two before her gift of a kidney, Elaine taped educational videos and published them on social media to try to educate the public on kidney donation and to request a kidney for herself. God had his own way of answering her prayers. How unbelievable is it that Elaine put out her intention to the universe and it was answered in a way only God could orchestrate.