If you reading this, I hope it’s a very blessed time in your life.  My name is Howard and I am writing in regards to my 28 year old sister Genevieve Griffin.

Genevieve or “Gigi” for short, is a married and loving mother of three beautiful girls, a productive part of society and without the resources that would make it necessary for her to become healthy and a vibrant part of her nuclear family, a life that a lot of us take for granted. Since she has to work for now, she is dedicated to doing just that. She works very hard and continues to take care of her household. She is a fantastic mother and I am anxious about what the responsibility is doing to her health.

Gigi gives without hesitation because it is in her nature to do so. She is extremely talented when it comes to baking and creating theme cakes and other pastries. I try to encourage her to pursue this talent, but there is a monetary cost that she cannot maintain. There are also the time constraints. She is now having dialysis done at home and although she is home with the girls, she is bound to the machine for hours.

I would like to think that one day she will receive a kidney transplant and all will be right as rain, but the reality right now is that she is struggling to stay above water, financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Anything that can be done will be appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,