I had the privilege and honor of attending Tony Robbins’ “Business Mastery” seminar in my never-ending quest of constant improvement.  Who doesn’t need to make more money to live out their dreams? So much to learn, if I can just make a few 2 millimeter shifts (small changes)  those dreams that I hold dear can turn into reality.
I want to share the beauty of what I witnessed while I was attending this seminar.  It was a truly transforming, miraculous event that changes worlds, universes and children’s lives.  It happened by a sheer force of nature of the collective group’s energy, love and contribution. You can make money, and what’s really the bigger picture that drives you to be more:  Why do you want to make money?  What is the power of money?  These questions may sound trite, but I think they are very deep questions and certainly worth exploring after what I witnessed at “Business Mastery”.
One of the topics for discussion at a Tony Robbins’ event is allocation of your personal finances into three categories:  a security bucket; a growth bucket; and a dream bucket.  After discussing these three categories Tony Robbins asks the audience what is in his/her dream bucket.  At a previous seminar Tony Robbins explained that when he asked this question, a woman in the audience stood up and said she wanted to have tons of money to help an organization called Operation Underground Railroad.  What this organization does is free  boys and girls who are kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery in various countries around the world. Former FBI and CIA agents run covert operations to capture these criminals and free the children to return to their homes.  So. after a woman in our audience shared what was in her dream bucket Tony Robbins shared about this charity and work there. It was estimated  that in order to save one child held in sexual captivity it cost approximately $2500 to free that child.  One by one people in the audience stood up and started donating money.  In total, in about 20 minutes over $600,000 was raised.
Imagine, that girls and boys living in a nightmare situation around the world, and unknown to them, strangers in a room in Florida across the globe are caring about them, loving them, and participating in changing their current world.  
Please click on the link above to see firsthand this miracle in the making at the Tony Robbins’ “Business Mastery” seminar fueled by people’s desire to make more money.  So the question, I put out to the readers of this blog, what fuels your desires to make money? If you’d like to free a child in sexual captivity go to https://ourrescue.org/ and save a child. Save 1 Child. Save The World www.Save1person.org.