Photo credit:  Maryann Tomko

How can one describe a mystical experience? How can one define healing that goes beyond what we conventionally know? How can one explain knowing that there’s more than meets the eye? How can one describe being overwhelmed with gratitude, unity, love and wholeness, so much so that it brings uncontrollable sobbing and tears that can’t be held back? How can one explain countless healings in people with tumors, neurological diseases and conditions where doctors have given up finding a cure?

Welcome to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s week long retreat in many exotic locations across the globe. People from all over the world fly here to find something that they can’t find anywhere else: a union with the divine to create healings and new energetic experiences that create a new you. This is not some religious guru but a man who is deeply involved in science, medicine and research data. He is a man who has a deep understanding of the body and how the body is affected by the divine energy entering the body that’s in the field all around us (if we only take time to notice it).

The best way to explain Dr. Joe Dispenza is that he’s a bridge between the divine and science. There are spiritual teachers, and there are men of medicine and science. I have heard of both kinds of individuals. I have never met a person who is a master of the two worlds. He describes how one world affects the other from a physiological and biological viewpoint. Dr. Joe can guide you to enter a new realm of existence that transcends the rational mind and allows you to enter different dimensions such as: dimensions where disease does not exist; dimensions where new realities are created; dimensions that create a new you, a more powerful you, a more noble you. This is where you walk out of your old story of victim hood into a new life with tremendous possibilities and healings.

How is this achieved? I can’t reveal his actual teachings since Dr. Joe frowns on it because the purity of the material would be lost if a novice like me tried to explain this knowledge. I can only tell you, from my lens, what I witnessed and saw at his week long retreat and my understanding of the mystical and awe-inspiring experience. There are countless testimonials of people who walked in with tumors and left those tumors behind. The disease did not exist in the new person who walked out of this seminar. It was proven by CAT scans of tumors taken on people before the event, then after the week long event a new CAT scan showed no trace of a tumor / cancer. People who walked in with Stage 4 cancer went home, got new CAT scans and the doctors could find no trace of the tumor/cancer. There were countless testimonials of people who walked in with various conditions from Parkinson’s, to MS, to being blind and crippled who walked out of the event cured. This was the new reality that he/she created. Imagine that!

How do you explain someone with a disease walking into a workshop and leaving without that condition? First let me say I, personally, have assisted numerous people in finding living organ donors through my organization Save One Person. Dr. Joe claims he has approximately a 30 percent success rate. Since it’s not 100 percent this work does not put me out of the philanthropic work of finding living organ donors for people in need. But it is worth sharing because it’s much more pleasurable to be healed with Dr. Joe’s type of love healing than the alternative.

Imagine feeling such love that your body starts convulsing from the unknown sensation of having love course through every cell in your body? Imagine feeling such unity that you have to scream in a silent room of people because your body can not contain the energy? Imagine feeling like you’re floating out of your body in infinite space because you’re consumed with a different frequency of energy that you have never experienced? Imagine feeling so much love that you no longer feel anger towards a person that betrayed you in life, but you only feel compassion towards that person? Well these are just a few of the gifts or experiences you feel during the week. People from every corner of the world participate in this work, because they know that there’s more than the rational mind present in an individual. People travel to this event to cure what doctors say is an incurable disease or they want to manifest different experiences in their lives. Welcome to Dr. Joe’s week long event.

So let me share some more insights from the week long retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza. Disease is a lowering of the frequency in your body; in a higher frequency state disease can not exist. A higher frequency state are feelings of love, unity and wholeness. These feelings can be felt deeply in a state of meditation. So that’s the practice, the work, to train your body for feelings of connecting to the present moment. To catch the repetitive thoughts toss them away and just focus on nothing. Sounds elementary, but it’s a practice and work to create new frequencies in your body. Imagine focusing your attention on the future and not the past. Imagine creating an intention and accompanying that with an elevated emotion? What kind of response do you think that creates in your body? The responses are feel good hormones that are anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-stroke and anti-microbial. Did you know that your own body creates a chemical that feels like valium when you’re in a meditative state. It’s not a prescription that a doctor has to write but a chemical your own body can create. These hormones released in your body create homeostasis in your body. When you open your heart the field around your body expands. When you become no one, no thing, no where, when you open that door it creates infinite possibilities, not just the one of your current situation. How does this happen? In my biggest takeaway of the week, matter affecting matter can take a very long time to affect change. When you enter the frequency of just thought (through meditation) there is no space blocking your desire to the actual manifestation of that desire, so things you want to create can happen instantaneously, hence the reason some people who attend this workshop can have spontaneous healings. The miracles happen somewhere between wakefulness and sleep. Although this all sounds impossible check out the research on this. It’s not just some old wives’ tale, but CAT scans of people who had tumors and other diseases that no longer exist after this work. Scans were given to see if there was an effect before and after the event, that shows in the data, the evidence, the research that this works.

My favorite experience during this week was the co-healing experiences. A picture was put in front of us of someone who had a life threatening illness. A group of 10 people focused all the love in their hearts while moving music was played with Dr. Joe guiding our thoughts. That made you feel the energy of love with every ounce of your body. There was not a dry eye in the room. We all believed that our love sent energetically to that person could mean the difference between life and death. You were loving the person back to life. There was not one person in that room who didn’t believe that the love in their heart could create an energy field around the sick person to change the energy field around his/her body to create life. You are the healer; you are the mystic; you are the miracle worker. It wasn’t a feeling of grandiosity, it was a feeling of being connected to all around you. You made a difference in someone’s life; your love could impact another for the better.

I have in my life been a catalyst between someone who was dying and needed a living organ and someone who was willing to donate an organ to the person who needed it. Even with that experience, nothing compares to what I felt at Dr. Joe’s week long event. It wasn’t matter affecting change as when you match a person in need of an organ donor with a donnee, it was a feeling of your own energy, your love, your presence which could save a life by simply directing attention to the needy individual. So much love was generated that you had a room full of grown people sobbing hysterically because the collective group was loving the person back to life. Just imagine that!

Save One Person. Save The World.