have been on dialysis since October of 2005. I had had two heart transplants, and my anti rejection medication i take for my heart ate up my kidneys. I’m only 23 years old, and my heart has started to have problems again. With me being on dialysis my blood platelet levels are extreamly low. Right now the doctors are unsure of the platelet reason, but are worried for my heart.

My platelets are only 1400 and the norm is 150.000-450.000. With my platelets so low the antibodies in my body have started to attack my heart. I know have a blocked arteries again, with high blood preasure, and other things. I can’t have my heart worked on until my platelets come back up because there is a severe risk of me bleeding to death.
I’m needing a kidney asap because dialysis is starting to take a toll on my heart. They aren’t sure what’s wrong as to why im having such low platelets. So im started to worry. Normly i try to have a positive attitude about things, but it’s getting hard. They told me with this 12 year old heart i wont be able to get another heart transplant because of my illness of my kidneys. That they are unsure how long my heart will last. So im praying that my heart last long enough until i can get a kidney transplant. I have had my heart

transplants at U.A.B of Birmingham, and thats where my kidney transplant will be.
I do hemo dialysis on the T,T,S shift at DCI in Montgomery Alabama. around 9am.
Montgomery, AL. 36117
My cell phone number is 334-669-1898
My blood type is A-

Christina D. Hethcox
2 heart transplants 1986 & 1995, and ESRD

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