My name is Kelly Smith-Theis and I am the wife of Dwain Theis who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma a couple of years ago and we thought that all was lost. He was getting treated with every kind of chemotherapy, radiation and pain medicine out there. He was recommended for a stem cell transplant and it was decided that he was not healthy enough to go through the process of an autogolous stem cell transplant where his own stem cells would be removed and re-inserted after a cleansing process. All of his brothers were tested for a possible bone marrow transplant with no avail.

I was sitting with him at his onocologist when he received the news that his cancer was spreading, when I too received a phone call from my dr. that we were pregnant. This gave Dwain a new reason to fight. Together we had our first child and it was a miracle in my eyes.

Over the past few months Dwain’s health has been deteriorating fast and the 6’4″ 220lb man I met is now 6’1″ 130lbs, and can no longer walk without a cane, and does not leave his bed most days. He is in desperate need of a stem cell transplant that could save his life. His medical insurance is through the state of Ohio and they are no longer covering his two main hospitals as in network providers. This is going to put a real strain no his medical treatment, and we are running out of options for him. I am not sure if he needs healthier lungs, a donor of bone marrow, a donor of plasma cells, a stem cell donor, or just a miracle. Our son’s second birthday is coming this week and I would like for him to remember how wonderful his father is on his own without receiving the memories from me.

His blood type is O positive. If you know anyone who can help him you can contact me at or call my cell phone at 513-375-6905. Thank you and please remember our family in your prayers, all of your stories are in mine.