This is a Save 1 Person Alert.

  Save 1 Person. Save The World.

  Perry Sperling, from LA, is a loving father, husband and son.

  Perry has diabetes and is in end stage renal failure.

  Perry’s only chance of survival is a living kidney donor.

  Are you in good health, A blood and have the desire to save a life?

  If you answered yes, please send your contact information to

  This is a Save 1 Person Alert. Save 1 Person. Save The World.



                 My name is Perry Sperling. I am your neighbor, a loyal friend, a wonderful mother’s son, a loving and good husband for 25 years, a nurturing father of a 21 year old aspiring actress/student, a middle brother of four crazy guys, an avid Dodger Fan, and now a desperate daily dialysis patient in the San Fernando Valley. More than three years ago I was diagnosed with kidney failure due to diabetes and have been on a long waiting list for a donor kidney through UCLA; a wonderful network of professionals who will handle all the costs involved. In the meantime I am on dialysis four times a week, and seeing doctors, nurses, and technicians who only can encourage me to be positive and hang on. Diabetes runs in my family and unfortunately my three brothers are not able to help me. My wife is a breast cancer survivor, and also cannot donate one of her kidneys. Friends in my age group at 56 all have one form or another of medical issues and are reluctant to help me. I have had three disappointing cancellations from wonderful strangers from around the U.S. through a donation hotline service but due to their own discoveries of medical issues I have not been successful in finding the right donor. Now, after multiple shunt placement surgeries due to my veins collapsing from dialysis I am left too tired and weak to enjoy my family and friends, and working in a profession I once looked forward to going six days a week since I was teenager. I realize each day how unexpected events can change one’s life and path and how important we all are in each other’s’ lives. Through this I hope to find the answer to my prayers and start a new and healthy life again. It takes a special person to think of others first and be willing to donate a kidney to a perfect stranger. I will be forever grateful to the person who is so generous to donate a kidney to me. If you or someone you know are able and willing to be this generous person, please contact me immediately. God bless you and all your loved ones.

 cell: 818-472-3983