Shlomit is a young woman I know from the Carlebach Shul. She came to New York from Israel and it was her dream to marry and raise a family. After many years of searching, her dream was realized and she and her husband recently began a family. They have been blessed with three beautiful children all of whom are under the age of five. Like every parent, she was looking forward to the years of watching her children grow through each beautiful stage of their lives.

All this was shattered a few months ago when Shlomit was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. If it were not for lack of funds, she would presently be undergoing a frontier treatment (not covered by insurance) for this very aggressive cancer. The expenses for this course of treatment amount to $30,000 and it needs to be collected quickly so that she can begin as soon as possible to arrest the advancing disease.

I am personally reaching out to you for help.  ANY amount of money you can donate will be deeply appreciated, bringing hope to this family and saving these children from losing their mother.  A tax deductible contribution to the Carlebach Shul Chesed Fund for this purpose can be made via paypal at this site (which is dedicated solely for this appeal): Stand Up for Life Alternatively, you can mail a check payable to the “Carlebach Shul” (Note: write in the memo “Shlomit Chesed Fund”) and mail to: The Carlebach Shul, Attn: Shlomit Chesed Fund, 305 West 79th Street. New York, NY 10024. In addition to your own generous contribution, if there are other people that you know who can help, please forward them this email.  I sincerely thank you in advance for responding to what could be a tragic situation if it were not for people’s heartfelt compassion and generosity.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions pertaining to this appeal. Andy Bloom ( )

– Be Part of this Community Concerted Effort –
You are invited to attend a benefit concert for Shlomit (bat Tziona) Brock, a young mother of three children under 5 years old. Shlomit was recently diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer which she is bravely battling. Shlomit and Daniel Brock have been part of our community for more than ten years, having met at the Carlebach Shul and gotten married. They now live in Riverdale with their children. This benefit event will help to finance her treatment and her family’s needs.

It will be a delightful evening filled with Achdut–Hashra’ah– Refuah – Unity–Inspiration–Healing. It will feature an amazing Jewish singer and international recording artist, Bracha Jaffe. Joining her will be star performers: Ilana, Penina, Sima & Shira: Backup Vocalists; Carolyn Enger: Piano; Chani Handler: Keyboard; Stephanie Kurtzman: Violin; Chava Schneider: Guitar; and Chani Davis: Guitar. Concert produced by: Gideon Levine, G.Y.L. Music Productions, Home for “The Best of the Best”.

This event is for women only
as Bracha only sings in front of women.

Men are encouraged to help in fulfilling this Mitzvah by making monetary contributions and/or donating towards admission for women that they know.  Please note that those unable to attend the concert may contribute in any amount, to share in the z’chut of this undertaking.

We are so very grateful to Bracha and the other musicians, who are donating their time and talents for this holy event.

WHEN:   Saturday night, Feb 18
TIME:      9:00 p.m.
WHERE: West Side Institutional
                120 West 76th Street,
                New York, NY
between Amsterdam and Columbus)
You may make a donation in any amount – the sky is the limit.
Please be as generous as you can be. Thank YOU!

Alternatively, you can mail a check payable to the “Carlebach Shul”
IF WANTING TO ATTEND CONCERT write  “Stand Up for Life CONCERT” in the memo area on the check
IF JUST DONATING ONLY  write “Stand Up for Life FUND”  in the memo area on the check

The Carlebach Shul
Attn:  Stand Up for Life Concert
305 West 79th Street
New York, NY 10024

If you are using this method and wish to attend please click the button below
for additonal information.
Stand Up for Life Benefit Concert Committee: Raphael Kellman, M.D. & Chasya Kellman, Co-Chairs, Andy Bloom, Pesh Cohen, Elisa Liker,
Rabbi Avraham Newman, Sharona Spivack, Miriam Suchoff and Irene Susmano.