Asja joseph



My name is Asia and I am 27 yrs old and I am searching for a living KIDNEY donor in hopes of saving my life. I am very young and have been thru things that most people wont experience in a lifetime. I was born with sickle cell disease and have had a ” VERY ROUGH” life health wise but bless-fully I have faith and God has been on my side…to try and make a very long story short here are some of the things i’ve been through. I’ve had way over 50 blood transfusions and now have several antibodies which makes it hard to find a match for me, in 2003 I had a bone marrow transplant to try and cure my sickle cell at this time it was still experimental so it worked for a good 2yrs I had no pain episodes at all I felt like an average teenager/young adult without any issues but after 2 years the sickle cell came back until this day I think it helped me in some ways because I no longer have the bad pain episodes where I have to be in the hospital for weeks to months at a time, now if I get sick I handle it at home with pain meds or if it reaches to my max severity i’ll go to the hospital but i’m discharged within a day or two.

After the BMT thats when all My complications arose. In 2005 I found out that the lower back pain I was having that would never seem to subside with pain meds was my kidneys failing. I asked my doctor why and from what they said it was the sickle cell affecting the kidneys. So with God on my side I was put on the national kidney donors list, God is real and hears prayers because I was on the donors lists for a little under 2 weeks and I got a call the day before thanksgiving that there was a match for me. I went through surgery but the transplanted kidney never worked 100% it was functioning at 80% and as time went on the percentage slowly decreased. I was put on an anti rejection medication called prednisone which is steroids, since I was on the steroids for about a good 2 years one of the major side effects is bone loss…so with that along with sickle cell it caused me to need a bilateral hip replacement. In 2007 I had both of my hips replaced. Lastly in 2011 I was feeling very fatigue and sick, So I went to the doctor to get checked out and they told me that my transplanted kidney is only working at 12%. immediately they admitted me into the hospital to run test and found out I had a lot of toxins in my blood and needed to start dialysis ASAP. So on feb 15, 2011 I had my first dialysis treatment which was not fun. In November 2011 I went to an orthopedic to find out if sickle cell had been affecting my knees like it had my hips and it turned out that the implants from the surgery i’ve had in 2007 were loose and that my bone never grew around it like it was suppose to. So Nov. 21st 2011 I had a hip revision. Kinda overwhelming right, Well to this date I am re-listed on the national kidney deceased donors list waiting and I am on PD what stands for Peritoneal Dialysis, it is a dialysis treatment that is done at home. I do it over night every night for nine hours. Dialysis is like a part time job. A part time job that’s keeping me alive. None of my relatives are either able to donate or are a match and because I have so many antibodies I have been hard to match. My doctors says because I am so young it is best that I search for a living donor oppose to waiting for them to match me on the deceased donor list. As you may or may not know that there is 19 people in the U.S that die everyday waiting for a kidney on this list. I am so young and there is so much I want to do but cannot do because I am limited. I want to goto school and work in the medical field and help people who will go thru some of the hardships and troubles I have been through. So would You be my Lifesaver? My potential donor has to be O blood type, Healthy with no recent health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension requiring medication, obesity, cancer, etc.

If you are interested in saving my life and getting tested to see if you’re a match please email me by responding to this post. Also if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Im praying and ask that you send up some prayers for me as well.

God Bless,