Can You Save His Life? EMail: Comments: I read about your organization in the Enquirer. It was touching. My ex-husband has kidney failure. I tried to donate a kidney to him recently. I went thru 6 months of tests brilliantly, until the last test, which I failed. Still, it touched so many people’s lives. Most people were so astounded that I was willing to give a kidney to my ex-husband. I explained that he is the father of my only son. The grandfather of our 3 priceless grandchildren. It brought our family closer. It taught others we can still have love for each other, even after a divorce. The greatest thing was when my 14 year olD granddaughter Kelsey called me and said, “Grammy, I want to thank you for giving Grampa your kidney.” I am sorry I was unable to donate, but I am blessed that I was willing to do so. Thought you would like to hear this story. He is 8th on the list in New England to receive a kidney. He is the bravest man I know and he never, ever complains. Sincerely, Ann Page – SUBMITTED BY: POSTED: 04/20/07