Name: Heather
City: Cabot
State/Province: Arkansas
Zip Code:
Country: United States
Comments: My grandmother is on her 2nd year of dialysis. She is in need
of a kidney transplant. She was hospitalized 2 years ago for heart
failure and kidney failure. The doctors didn’t think that she would live.
While she was in the hospital she developed a bed sore and recently had
surgery on it. My grandfather is in his late 60s and still drives and
18 wheeler over the road all week to support me, my sister, and my
grandmother. She is on social security but that check alone is not enough to
cover her medications. I am only 17 and my grandparents fully support
me. I don’t know what I would do without my grandmother and I really
want her to be able to find a donor. Thanks, Heather