Name: Theresa Marks
Phone: 317-852-2514
State/Province: IN
Zip Code: 46112
Country: USA
Comments: I am writing on behalf of my former husband. His name is Tom
Marks. Tom was in a horrible accident in 2003. He was working on a
car trying to install a fuel pump, when there was a spark and a fire.
Tom was burned over 50% of his body, with third degree burns. He was
hospitalized and critical for a number of months. During this time he was
in a coma he lost the function of both kidneys. He has been on
dialysis since this occurred. He is currently on a waiting list for a kidney.
As I sure you are aware, you can only live so long on dialysis. He is
50 years old and has a 14 year old son he would like to see graduate
from high school. If there is anyone who can help us, please contact me,
he doesn’t know I am sending out this plea for help. He has suffered
enough while recovering from the burns, I would love from him to have
his life extended for my son’s sake, so that he can spend as much time
with his dad as possible. Thank you in advance for all you can do.