Rick Springfield sharing one of his life’s purpose through his book MAGNIFICENT VIBRATION.
Moms+Social Good – Moms changing and saving the world in big ways.
MOMS NIGHT OUT Mamarazzi on SiriusXM with Patricia Heaton, Sarah Drew, Sean Astin and David Hunt!
Wow, what a week, mommy blogging rules this planet in saving lives.
This week, I went to a lot of events with lots of meaning, fun and learning of ways others are saving lives.  The first event I went to was a Rick Springfield book signing with the MOMS (Themoms.com). Rick Springfield, those of you who don’t know, sang Jessie’s girl and was Dr. Noah on General Hospital (He was also my high school crush).  Rick was promoting his new book, MAGNIFICENT VIBRATION.  Rick spoke about finding a purpose, battling depression and his search for G-d.  Everyone has a unique way of showing their way of making a difference in the world, and for sure, this book is one of Rick’s missions on this planet.
Then, Esti Berkowitz of Primetime Parenting sent me to a regal event, Moms + Social Good.  This event showcased moms making a difference in the world in big ways.  One panel member was actually Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan.  The Princess was speaking about her role and her passion as a new born health advocate.  What I found most fascinating about this event was when Hildy Kuryk, the Communications Director of Vogue, spoke about her work with www.bornfreeafrica.com.  Their mission is to ensure the next generation of children will be born free of HIV.  Did you know that there’s a pill that can be taken in pregnancy, that will 99% ensure the HIV virus will not be passed onto the child from the mother.  One pill a day prevents a child from being infected.  The majority of affected children are in Africa.  Talk about saving lives and this was only one initiative of many spoken about at this event.  Spead the word about how moms can change the world #GlobalMoms.
And then I had the joy of covering the screening of Moms Nights Out with themoms.com. Then, following the movie was a question and answer with the cast. The movie was basically about a stressed out mom and all the chaos that goes with raising a child/children.  The life saving message I saw in this movie, was in all the chaos and confusion, and breakdowns in life, beauty shines in various ways, shapes and sizes.  For example, there’s a scene in the movie where the children draw on the wall, and at first, the mom has a break down. Later the mom puts a frame around the drawing on the wall, and it was pure magnificence, better than a Picasso.  I can’t help but think at Save 1 Person when someone needs a medical miracle, it’s horrific to go through the process and quite often G-d’s masterplan, shows in totally unexpected ways. One story that comes to mind, recently is with Torrey Green from Florida who needs a living kidney donor.  In Torrey’s seach for a kidney, he found one from a stranger, through the magic of the media.  In addition, a member in Torrey’s community is paying for his hotel stay while in New York. Beauty sometimes shines in ways we don’t expect in life, and that’s the message of this movie. It’s not that there’s a lack of chaos in our lives, it’s how to see the brilliance despite the chaos surrounding us.
The last event, I attended this week was a true miracle.  And although it does not relate to saving a life directly,  I still feel a need to share this event that felt like the red sea splitting for me. Recently I was away in the tropics, and I needed a bathing suit and I walked up and down the streets to find a bathing suit in Miami and then the Carribean. The suits were either too expensive and or did not fit.  Then when I returned home from my vacation, I had an email from Themoms.com, to join the MiracleSuit (www.Miraclesuit.com) event where they will be giving out free bathing suits to moms at a blogging event.  I left the event with the first bathing suit I tried on, and I LOVED it. I also looked 10 pounds skinnier. It was like G-d saying to me, I’m here with you in the smallest of details.
There’s many ways to save a life,  whether it be writing a meaningful book, taking on major health inititiatives to improve lives or getting life saving messages from actors in a movie or even looking great in a suit for women who are self conscious (like me). We are all on our own journeys to make a difference, will you share yours? Save 1 Person. Save The World.