Hi Everyone! I am a 26yr. old female living in naples florida. I am looking for a kidney donor,My blood type is A+ so anyone who is an A+ or A- or an O is compatible. I have been doing dialysis for just about 5yrs now. Its been a bumpy road for me with lots of serious things that came along medically. This will be my 3rd transplant in my short life,I was blessed enough to have the last two living donors. One being my mother and the other my aunt. I have a wonderful almost 5yr. old son(He will be in january) He’s my world,He keeps me going everyday. He dont have his dad so im the only one he has,Another than his nana,which thank goodness for her dont know what id do with out her 🙂But if there is anyone out there reading this who is willing to donate,I would be forever great full. I know what a major thing it is to do so.

Thank you for taking time to read this. If you like to contact me my email is Megneim@aol.com or i am also on facebook.

God bless!!