have really fun events with celebrities who always share life saving insight and advice with others.  This time there was an “After Earth” screening with Will and Jaden Smith, who gave a question and answer period after the show. I attend a lot of Torah classes and really do believe in God.  I find that God talks to people in many different ways:  to some through the Torah; to others through blockbuster celebrities on the big screen.  I will not go into what “After Earth” is about since the title speaks for itself.  I will briefly tell you a life lesson that this movie, through Will Smith, teaches us:  live in the present.  This is a lesson that I have also learned in Torah class.  In this movie Will Smith’s character, General Cypher Raiges, teaches his son, who is dazed and confused by the danger surrounding him, to stop and think.  He tells him to: kneel on one leg; notice what he smells; notice what he sees; notice what he is feeling; and, most importantly, root himself in the present.  I’ve heard this message in Torah class numerous times:  be in the present since you only have now.  The past is behind; the future is out there; all we have is this moment.  Another lesson that was taught in Torah class, and now I hear it on the big screen, is that we always have free will.  In this movie many animals and creatures are trying to kill Will Smith and his son.  Will Smith’s major message is:  fear is a choice; danger is real.  In Torah class I have often heard that we have the ability to choose how we want to act in a given situation.  Torah class always teaches us to show restriction because, ultimately, God is in control.  Will Smith’s lesson in this movie to his son, and to the masses, is that we can choose to be fearful, that’s up to us.  We have the choice.  Danger means take the appropriate steps to be safe, but you don’t have to be fearful. And, lastly, at the Question and Answer period with Will and Jaden, Will speaks about why he takes on certain projects.  I personally love that this man is using his fame and fortune to teach, to inspire and to add value to others’ lives.  Listen to Will Smith’s own words, above, as he explains his life saving mission here on earth.