Recently, I had the privilege of taking part of a Tony Robbins seminar.  Yes, we walked over hot coals at the seminar  As I’ve explained in the  previous post, the point of walking on hot coals wasn’t to just be crazy. It was to illustrate that we are capable of so much more than we can imagine.  Walking over hot coals, physically supported all of us at the seminar in internalizing this concept emotionally and intellectually, that we are unstoppable if we just believe we can do it. Kind of amazing how it works.  Tony Robbins as part of this weekend long seminar, gave us all homework, which was to take a class of something just for you. Something to escape your reality and fill your soul. So I really pondered for a while, what I would take.  Bowling is boring to me, dancing could be fun but nothing to really excite me, painting (not for me), a comedy class I tried, and it turns out I’m only funny when I don’t try to be….Hmmm, I thought, then as the universe would have it, I saw a post from a fellow fire walker about flying lessons. Well that excited me, scares me actually, terrifies me. I was in at that point, so I called Long Island Flying school and off I flew.  During my flying lesson, I couldn’t stop thinking how a physical lesson of flying relates to something we can all internalize emotionally and intellectually.  And here is my life lesson and what I took away from my flying lesson. How many times in life do we all look at something with the same perspective, over and over again.  We try to solve a problem by looking at it the same old way? Something doesn’t work in our lives, and we keep doing the same thing over and over again, thinking something will change.
When we step outside of our comfort zone, try something new, do something that’s uncomfortable for us, that’s where the metaphoric flying takes place.  As a kid and an adult, I’ve been to Fire Island, NY a zillion times, the beaches and ocean look so huge lying on the beach. Having the experience of flying over Fire Island (as a training pilot :)) it looked completely different. Here’s the “ah hah” moment for me during my flying lesson, miracles occur when we get a new perspective on life challenges, try new things, and do thing that make our soul soar.  Isn’t saving a life, sometimes looking at an old problem, no matter how small or large, with a new flying perspective and angle? When we look at an old issue from a different viewpoint, new solutions and answers can blossom and emerge. Sometimes we do crash and burn and it’s heartbreaking, sometimes we also fly to new heights that we thought were impossible. Save 1 Person. Save The World.