I Am Critically Ill Name: StacyAnn Noble Phone: 919-217-8191 EMail: TJSANOBLE@AOL.COM Comments: My mane is StacyAnn, I am a mother of 4 children and I’m critically ill, I have had well over 50+face & brain sugery’s My latest brain and face surgery was in Aug, My health has been a stuggle, i as well got cervical cancer after my youngest son was born, Now I have been with only my husband for over 20 years. I am as now having complictions to the cervical cancer,I had emercancy surgery in March however it did not work, and I have a massive rupterd disk that makes my left leg numb, I am to sick to have the other surgerys I need at this time because of the cronic infection in the bones in my face. I can get you any legal information that you would like, My marriage has become very unhealty for my children as well as myself,I need to find an honest way to work from home so that I can make a better life for my children and myself by getting our own place, I do not have any family. I have always been a hard worker, that is one of the reson my marraige is a mess is that he has become very angery that I can profide the way I use to, My you you pray and if there is anyone that can help me work out my home with out spending money. IT MEANS MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY,I only recive $356.00 a mt from disablitey, I have been blessed to learn many life lesson along this journey. I do not feel sorry for myself.I just need to change my life with help. Many Blessing and may you Be blessed a 100 fold and Carried on Angel Wings. It make take 2000 no’s but it only takes 1 yes to change a life or many lives. My Dream is to open a non-profit called On An Angel Wings that help familys like mine with out wanting anything back from them, But they must help some else when they get on there feet, Best Regards, StacyAnn SUBMITTED BY: TJSANOBLE@AOL.COM POSTED: 07/03/08