What is your body telling you…..Its Time for a DETOX!!!

Feeling exhausted lately? Having skin problems, body aches and pains or digestive issues? Gaining weight or unable to lose anymore weight? It may be time for a body detox. Detoxifying the body has been practiced for many centuries in many different cultures, to relax, rejuvenate, and replenish the body. When we eliminate these harmful toxins from our body and then nourish our body with whole healthy foods and nutrients it renews our ability to maintain optimal wellness and prevent disease.

Lately we have been hearing more and more about cleansing and detoxifying the body. It can all be so confusing, not knowing which cleanse is right for you. Detoxifying is about resting, cleansing, and nourishing the body from the inside out. Now more than ever our systems are being bombarded with toxic overload. It is critical to detoxify the body. it is recommended to cleanse at least once a year. Some symptoms that may indicate that you are in need of a cleanse include fatigue, poor elimination of bowels, irritability, craving for sugar, skin irritations,bags under the eyes, and poor sleeping habits.

So where does one begin? Well last start by lighten up our toxic load, this include alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, refined sugars & saturated fats. It is also a good idea to minimize the use of toxic household products. Household cleaners and personal care products (deodorant, nail polish, shampoo, lotions, toothpaste, laundry detergent )are filled with harmful toxins. There are many natural substitutes for these items at your local health food store. Our body producing stress hormones can also create toxins in the body that will slow down the liver. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, can all help to decrease the toxic stress load on the body. By relieving stress you can actually help the body heal itself.

So what program is best for you? Cleanses usually follow a 7 day protocol. It takes time for the body to cleanse. If you’re looking for something shorter to do, a 3 day juice fast is a great way to help give your digestive system a break and cleanse the blood. Drinking your vegetables will ensure high absorption of vitamins and minerals.

In addition to the fast, I recommend these top 10 things:

Drink at Least 2 quarts of water per day (Alkaline Ionized Water)

Exercise (Yoga, Jumprope, Jogging, Rebounding )

 Dry Skin Brush to exfoliate dead skin cells off the body and increase circulation

Doing a series of Colon Cleansing will eliminate any toxic waste living in your colon

Sweat out toxins from deep within, use an Infrared Sauna for best results

Do an Ionic Foot Bath to remove toxins from a cellular level

After the fast consume lots high fiber fresh fruits and veggies.

Practice Breathing Deep

Take supplements such as Omega 3-6-9 oil, Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes to support digestive function and immune function

Try to keep a positive mental state and eliminate stress


Vanessa Drew is the founder of Cleansing Concepts, an exclusive detoxification facility with 4 convenient locations.  For more information, visit www.cleansingconceptsworld.com.