How do you explain cancer to a 14 month old?  Tuvia Weiss couldn’t understand what had happened to his life. One day he was busy exploring the kitchen cabinets, the next, he was in a big bed getting needles.  The mother and father went from being newlyweds into the confusing frightening world of cancer and chemotherapy.  His family needs help with the huge medical costs associated with their child’s medical care. Please join us in saving this little boy and his family. Make your tax – deductible donation to: Zichron Moshe / Help Tuvia, c/o Rabbi Moshe Wolfson, 1574 43rd Street, Brooklyn, NY  11219.  
And Ford’s Warrior in Pink is dedicated to those touched by breast cancer through actions that support inspire and empower patients, survivors and co-survivors throughout their journey.   See how you can make a difference in a woman’s life who’s battling this disease  Save One Person. Save The World.