Bonnie Gertz covered the Amazing Spiderman 2 premiere, here’s what Bonnie had to say.
Hi all you life savers out there.  I had the opportunity to have been at the Amazing Spirderman 2 premiere thanks to The Moms ( taking  place at the famous Ziegfeld Theater. I was able to cover this for Lauren Finkelstein of and for Esti Berkowitz of  Two of my most favorite moms.  It was so much fun.  I was able to be on the red carpet with bleachers set up for Mom Bloggers and their kids.  We were able to see all of the big stars of the Movie, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Sally Field, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHann, Dennis Leary, Paul Giamatti and many more.   I felt so blessed I was able to get a sound bite from Dennis Leary that night saying that Save1Person saves lives.  It’s now on Youtube and the Website.  I love doing things to help out great causes. 
 I was on the red carpet so long that I thought I was going to miss the movie itself.  Luckily they had a few seats in the Ziegfeld theater of some people that did not show up.  So I was fortunate to be able to sit in the theater where stars were watching the movie with us.  The seat I was given was a great seat up close near the front.  The film itself was in 3 D.  Sitting so close made you feel as if you were right there in the movie.  This film was very action packed and full of special effects and with the 3 D glasses on it really made you feel as if the images were leaping off the screen towards you in your seat. Spirderman as you know is all about saving lives and this movie reflects how much he wants to help people and what he goes through in order to do that.  Spiderman has these powers and at some point he struggles with the fact that he is not able to figure out how to defeat the main bad character in this film.  With the help of Gwen Stacey and her knowledge, together they are able to stop Elctro played by Jamie Foxx.  So just a note to everyone out there, we can all have heroes like Spiderman and  like the movie, we can also do amazing things by working together to get a problem solved.  So let’s save some lives together just like The Amazing Spiderman. 
The studio gave out some fun promotional material Evian bottled water in the shape of Spiderman, with the logo and costume all on the plastic bottle.  It should make the kids want to drink the water or just have fun with the bottle. They also had posters of the movie with games on the back for kids to play with.  Word games, mazes, color in the cartoons. They had masks with the photos of the characters, tee shirts and tattoos all for the kids. It was fun for all.
I think the main point of the festivities, is there’s always fun out there with deep meaning.  The real meaning to me of this experience,  it made me think we all can be super heroes and there’s a spiderman in each one of us. Until the next movie premiere, BE TRULY AMAZING.