This weekend I had the honor  to take part in a workshop with Tony Robbins. It was a cross between a rock concert, hypnosis, intensive self introspection, and replacing negative and harmful memories with empowering thoughts and actions. The one thing I’d like to focus on in the blog is the fire walking we do with the guidance of Anthony Robbins. Sounds crazy I know, walking over hot coals and there’s a huge life lesson that we all can learn. On the first day we get to the seminar, Tony informs us we will be walking over hot coals between 1200 and 1500 degrees about 20 feet long.  One hour before the fire walk Tony preps the audience how to walk over hot coals successfully. Tony told the group, that when you walk over the hot coals to look up at the sky, walk briskly, and to chant the words “cool mas” (very cool in Spanish) repeatedly. All of these actions put your mind in a different head set. And most importantly during this exercise, one must know for certain that you can do this.  Certainly the huge crowd surrounding you, chanting “yes, yes, yes” repeatedly aids in this process! It was an experience like none other, there were also the sounds of tribal drums beats in the background, thousands of people were screaming “yes, yes” and one by one we all walked over the hot coals.  Not one person was hurt. The life lesson Tony was teaching us, if we could walk over hot coals that are close to 1500° and not get hurt what else could we do in our lives that we think is impossible? The answer of course is, we all would be unstoppable. The power of our minds is much greater than we could ever imagine. Our minds led the way in this life affirming exercise and our bodies followed. Can walking over hot coals save a life? The answer is a resounding yes!  There are big ways to save a life, like to give a kidney, small ways to save a life, like saying a kind word to a friend, and then there are ways that shift our consciousness that leads to a ripple effect in the universe that transforms the face of the galaxies.  And Tony Robbins rocks not only this planet, he rocks the universes beyond our comprehension. Save 1 Person. Save The World.