Meet Our Founder and CEO, Lauren.

Finkelstein started Save One Person’s Global Media Campaign back in the year 2002.

Save One Person’s Mission is to save or dramatically improve the life OF EACH PERSON who’s in need of a living organ donor or bone marrow match through the power of the media.

Save One Person’s news alerts appear weekly on TV, Radio, Internet, and many national publications.

These news alerts ask the public to save that life featured, whether being a living organ donor or getting tested as a bone marrow donor,

Previously, Lauren served as a Senior Promotion Producer at Court TV and she’s worked for various TV networks including WABC, WNBC, CNBC, King World and MTV.

Lauren also spent one year learning about the nonprofit world at the Wexner Heritage Foundation.

She holds her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Miami and majored in Telecommunications and Drama.


Save One Person and it’s Online Community Project are designed to save lives through utilizing the power of the media. And it works!

This media campaign #DoingGODswork is something the entire world can participate in.

Whether it is making sure a life to be saved gets on your local nightly news; seeing if you’re a bone marrow match for a child with Leukemia; or becoming a Live Organ Donor for a kidney or liver transplant patients — you too can make a real difference!

We can all participate in this media campaign #DoingGODswork through the power of the global media.

We believe there should be mandatory Save One Person units in every media outlet across the world. And that Save One Person Alerts should run on every Save One Person affiliate network each week.

A Save One Person News Alert would run globally for each specific person with a life-saving need. And a second Save One Person News Alert would run each week specifically featuring the life-saving need of someone local within each community…

For instance, when someone is in need of a bone marrow match, say, in Poland — their Save One Person News Alert would run in every Save One Person Affiliate Media Network across the globe such as the affiliate news stations in Boise, Idaho.

That same station in Boise, Idaho would run the Save One Person News Alert for the Person in need in Poland, as well as another Save One Person News Alert for someone with a life-saving need in right there in Boise.

In addition the on-air local personality or news program host internationally will ask people to call or write in with their own life-saving needs. And an assistant from the local affiliate and international branch will collect all pertinent information on the neediest cases from each community.

The various stations choose the life of the week to save and then a reporter goes on air and broadcasts the need to the public in the form of a Save One News Alert. The on-air personality asks the public to contact  the person in need directly from that community and internationally.  The people who are not featured on air are still directed to other organizations to provide assistance for that person in need.



Rabbi Jacobson is the author of the best-selling book Toward a Meaningful Life, a William Morrow publication that has sold over 300,000 copies to date and has been translated into Hebrew, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German, Hungarian and Czech..

Simon Jacobson

Trusted Advisor & Mentor; Save One Life Foundation

He leads The Meaningful Life Center, which bridges the secular and the spiritual, through a wide variety of live and online programming..

The Center presents to people of all backgrounds, the universal teachings of Torah as a blueprint for life.

Meaningful Life Center
788 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11213




Save One Person is a New Non-Profit Community dedicated to saving lives One Person at a Time. #DoingGODSwork

We are proud to announce our new website 

The goal of this web site is to be a direct resource where people who need an immediate medical miracle can find an angel willing to solve that problem (from people in need of living organ donors or bone marrow matches or any other medical need that isn’t being solved from the ordinary avenues.

The goal of our new website is to find a medical miracle or to give assistance to people who have exhausted all other avenues of hope.  The donor and recipient can  talk to each through this new Online Community.

If an individual needs a medical miracle, he or she can post their situation under the Listings Section: People in Need > Medical Miracles Needed.

If a person needs a living organ donor, he or she can post their need under our Listing Section: People in Need > Living Organ Donors Needed.

People who are #DoingGODswork as a Live Organ Donor (kidney, liver, or marrow), can post their desired contribution under our Listing Section: People Who Help > Living Organ Donors Donations.

Medical Professionals who are #DoingGODswork by offering Free Medical Services (of any kind), can post their desired contribution levels under our Listing Section: People Who Help > Medical Miracles Donations.

Other people who would also love to #DoingGODswork by donating Free Medical Supplies or Equipment (such as a motorized chair or van to a paraplegic, for example), can post their desired contribution levels under our Listing Section: People Who Help > Supplies & Equipment Donations.

Our goal is to facilitate the fastest connection between people who need immediate medical help and all those angels willing to solve each particular medical problem through our online community, here at Save One Person.

Each week we feature the story of one person who needs a medical miracle and publicize it in the media.

A countless amount of people, literally, would be dead today if it wasn’t for this work — from finding Living Organ Donors, to adding hundreds to the bone marrow registry just to mention a few of the ways we have saved lives over the years.

When all hope is gone, we ask all angels to come out to assist those who need it most through the media.

Since the inception of Save One Person  in 2002, we have learned that hundreds of thousands of people are #DoingGODswork.

We have had hundreds of people contact us to be a Living Organ Donor to a complete stranger.

Before the Save One Person Online Community Project the public just did not have a place to put their kindness to work.

That vehicle has now arrived with the Online Community Website.

How Can I Donate Money To The Media Campaigns?

Please go under the SHOP tab above, click on the PayPal link to make your tax-deductible donation.

Funds will be used to grow Save One Person until it’s a household name and a mechanism is created in the media to save lives on an ongoing basis.  

How Can I Donate Directly To A Person In Need OR POST MY MEDICAL MIRACLE?

Please, check the Featured Person Section:
1). Browse through the posts and see where you can begin to make a difference.
2). Directly contact the individual(s) that you wish to help or contact the individual the way indicated in the post.
3). Once you have ascertained what you can do to help, please ensure you deliver on your promises to those in need. 

Please, check the Listing Section and submit if you need Living Organ Donor or Medical Miracle.

Please, remember there are many ways to help:

Many people are looking for letters of encouragement, donor compatibility, specialized medical care, custom equipment, medicines, and supplies; as well as other forms of assistance.

Please, remember to share your success stories with us:
By sharing your success stories, you can inspire thousands of others to do the same and help even more people in need. Your success stories are truly #DoingGODswork.

How Can I Donate To Save One Person?

There are many operating costs involved in running The Online Community Non-Profit and we can definitely use any donations that are available to help support the infrastructure, staff and the smooth operation of this Life-Saving Project.

Please, go to our Shop page under the PayPal icon:
And choose your level of contribution from the options listed here.

Please, remember there are many ways to help:
Like most charitable organizations we are always looking for all types of donations and also for volunteers.

Whether you are contributing your time or money, it all goes into spreading the good work we do and serves to expand the mission of  Save One Person  world wide.


SAVE ONE PERSON (Required Legal Disclaimer)

Save One Person. Save the World.


The Save One Person Non-Profit hereby disclaims any and all responsibility legal or otherwise for the representations made by the following (individuals who are seeking help).

This web site should not be construed as a charitable solicitation.

Any and all donations monetary or otherwise should be made directly to the (party in need) and are not tax deductible.

The Save One Person Non-Profit cannot confirm the veracity of the information contained in the posted stories.

Our visitors should conduct their own research, verification and investigation.

Please do not take any action unless you are fully satisfied and have made diligent efforts to check pertinent facts.

All help is to be provided at your own risk and without the (express approval/authorization) of The Save One Person Non-Profit.


In regards to the people who wish to contribute Live Organ Donations:

There is a potential for complications for this type of surgery.

Anyone interested in being a Live Organ Donor should contact their primary physician prior to matching with a potential Live Organ Recipient.

It is absolutely against the law to have any financial benefit from organ donation.

Anyone trying to solicit money from a person in need of a living organ donor will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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