A+ Blood



My name is Karen Gonzalez and I recently visitid www.saveoneperson.com Visiting this website gave me hope that maybe my prayers will someday be answered. First of all let me say if you are interested in Donating PLEASE read on.

My boyfriend had two failed transplant attemps.One was when a volunteer had a change of heart, we dont blame him but of course we were sad.

The other was when i tried to donate, and 4 days before our scheduled surgery they determined that I had a liver condition and would not be able to donate.

Let me tell you a little about him, His name is Ricardo Cisneros, 30, father of two and studying to become a radiology Technologist.He lives in San Francisco, Ca and I live in San Pablo, Ca.( accross the bay 15 mins away).His children are of ages 5, and 7. A son named Mateo and a daughter named Isabel.

His Dialysis treatments are taking a toll on his body. He is not the same person he once was, becoming weaker and i just want him to get better.

I cant imagine my life without him if his conditions get worse. Please, I encourage anyone who is willing and interested to contact me.

His insurance will cover all the testing if you were to be interested. UCSF is the best Kidney Transplant Center and the staff is great.

Please take this into consideration, for we will highly appriciate it wether its a yes or a no. His blood type is A positive.

I have not really told him that I am contacting you although I know he will be excited. I just want to save the pain incase nothing comes out of this attempt to help him

We were both really depressed and have slowly moved on. Our transplant Surgery was scheduled for June 23, 2206 and on June 20th we were given a final no.

Thank Your for your time.

Please feel free to contact me.Sincerely, Karen Gonzalez 2618 Moyers Rd.San Pablo, Ca 94806510- 830-7194