Bridgette Gilliland is 31-year-old and a resident of Portland, Oregon. She had a promising future when disaster struck, Bridgette was finishing up at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. for a Master of Science in Foreign Service with a Fulbright scholarship when she was diagnosed with complete renal failure. Since then for the last five years, she has been on dialysis for four hours a week and three times a week. This is now way to lived. Unfortunately Doctors have not found the root cause of her renal failure yet. Then, in 2017 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Bridgette underwent a lumpectomy on her right side and entered treatments for cancer for two years. Bridgette has been through a lot. Now, she needs an angel to make the next stage of her life a healthy reality. Recently Bridgette became eligible for a kidney transplant after her battle with cancer. Can you give Bridgette her miracle? She has type A blood and needs an A or O blood donor, for which she’s still searching. Are you her gift? Maybe God gave us two kidneys, to give a spare…This is the biggest act of kindness a person can ever do…. If you would like to give the gift of life, please contact: (520) 358-7735. Save One Person. Save The World. #DoingGodswork.