Hep Save Austin!!! Will you save a life? Austin Shields was born with IgA Nephropathy, a deadly disease that takes lives.  IgA nephropathy also known as Berger disease is an autoimmune disease that occurs when clumps of antibodies are deposited in the kidneys, causing inflammation and kidney damage. It happens when a germ-fighting protein called immunoglobulin A (IgA) builds up in the kidneys. This causes a type of swelling called inflammation that, over time, can make it harder for the kidneys to filter waste from the blood. This has caused Austin’s kidneys to fail. At only 27 years, Austin is on dialysis to keep him alive. The dialysis is taking its toll on his daily life. At this point, a living kidney donation would significantly impact his ability to do all of the things that most people take for granted. Austin is in desperate need of a living kidney donor. If you have a desire to be an angel and would like to save a life, please visit helpaustinfindakidney.com.  Save One Person. Save The World.