Leon Brown, 43, a husband and father of two children (23-year- old daughter and a four-year-old son)  went to get life insurance several years ago.  He was denied this protection to his family.  Leon was told his liver enzymes were too high, which lead him on a search for several years to see what was wrong with his health.  After a long list of doctors leading him wrong down the wrong path, he was finally diagnosed too late with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). This is a disease of the bile ducts.  Bile ducts carry the digestive liquid bile from your liver to your small intestines.  Inflammation causes scars within the bile ducts.  These scars make the ducts hard and narrow and gradulaly cause serious liver damage.   

Now, his condition is getting much worse.  Leon went from a strong man to where he can’t work as a real estate agent anymore, his stomach is drained weekly in the hospital, and he’s incredibly bloated all the times. Leon is in fourth stage liver failure.  He is praying that someone will consider being a living liver donor to him to save his life.  Leon needs someone with AB blood to give the gift of life.   Did you know that the liver is the only organ in the body, that regenerates itself after six to eight weeks. If you would consider being his angel please call him at 973-207-2265.  Save One Person. Save The World.