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Can Going to Fiji Save a Life?


On my never ending journey to learn valuable life lessons, this time it led me to the shores of Fiji in the South Pacific. I never really heard of Fiji, outside of the water, much less even know where it was located on the map. Nevertheless, I knew that the information gained on this adventure would benefit me, my family, and the world at large. Because one golden nugget of information shared in the right hands could be life changing. Please bear with me as I share my Fijian

First and foremost let me start with the beauty of the Fijian people. One of the enticements of going to Fiji was learning about the land of Fiji in a Tony Robbins book, “Awaken the Giant Within” The way Tony Robbins described the Fijian people, it was something I knew I wanted to experience firsthand. So when he offered one of his programs in Fiji,  I jumped at the opportunity of a lifetime.

The beauty of the Fijian people is that they are in the now. They are not stressing out about yesterday or tomorrow. There’s few iPhones, iPads, electronic devices amongst the Fijian people and the best form of social media is a volleyball game with laughing and chatting. In a matter of fact in restaurants there’s no wifi so that families from abroad can put down their devices and be present for each other. I learned in my travels, there’s a ton of villages and if one child is orphaned, the village takes care of the child or children.

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How Can We Save More Lives?

Guidance from a Stranger?  How Can We Save More Lives when it comes to Living Organ Donation?
Over the years, with Save 1 Person ( I’ve seen when you get media attention for someone who needs life-saving help there are many people willing to save a life.  This is especially true when it comes to living kidney donation. For instance, when Elaine Deleon’s need for a living kidney donor was picked up by Fox’s Good Day NY, close to 200 people wrote in to possibly donate a kidney.
We can get many people to be living kidney donors.  Often, the hospitals are not equipped for the overflow and actually turn donors and donees away.  Please keep in mind that the purpose of this post is not to bash hospitals who save lives. They are doing the best they can.  The purpose of this post is to see if a different angle of the situation can create new answers and solutions to emerge which can help a greater number of people who need living organ donors.
Over the years people who wanted to donate a kidney have told me, in some cases, the hospital discourages them.  Some people, understandably so, are ruled out right away if they have previous health issues such as cancer, heart conditions, kidney stones and other conditions. I’ve heard potential donees say that hospitals don’t get back to them.  Some hospitals won’t even take strangers who come from the media because I’m told through the grapevine, these people are more likely to not follow through, so it’s not worth the time and effort.  Each hospital is different.
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Life Lessons in Flying!


Recently, I had the privilege of taking part of a Tony Robbins seminar.  Yes, we walked over hot coals at the seminar  As I’ve explained in the  previous post, the point of walking on hot coals wasn’t to just be crazy. It was to illustrate that we are capable of so much more than we can imagine.  Walking over hot coals, physically supported all of us at the seminar in internalizing this concept emotionally and intellectually, that we are unstoppable if we just believe we can do it. Kind of amazing how it works.  Tony Robbins as part of this weekend long seminar, gave us all homework, which was to take a class of something just for you. Something to escape your reality and fill your soul. So I really pondered for a while, what I would take.  Bowling is boring to me, dancing could be fun but nothing to really excite me, painting (not for me), a comedy class I tried, and it turns out I’m only funny when I don’t try to be….Hmmm, I thought, then as the universe would have it, I saw a post from a fellow fire walker about flying lessons. Well that excited me, scares me actually, terrifies me. I was in at that point, so I called Long Island Flying school and off I flew.  During my flying lesson, I couldn’t stop thinking how a physical lesson of flying relates to something we can all internalize emotionally and intellectually.  And here is my life lesson and what I took away from my flying lesson. How many times in life do we all look at something with the same perspective, over and over again.  We try to solve a problem by looking at it the same old way? Something doesn’t work in our lives, and we keep doing the same thing over and over again, thinking something will change.
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The Moms & Celebs & Life Messages!




What are Miracles from Heaven?  Jennifer Garner stars in this movie about a child who is dying from a rare disease and is miraculously saved as a result of a freak accident.  As a mom, it was difficult watching some of this movie, because I felt every emotion, as if that child was mine who was in so much pain and suffering.  I felt the anguish of the mom not knowing how to save her own child.  And then ultimately when there was nothing else left to do but pray, I dug into my own soul to see the depth of my own faith and belief in G-d. The movie was brilliant in reminding us that there are miracles everywhere. It reminds us that we are all connected.  It reminds us that miracles could be as big as a cure for a very sick child to the miracle of  a stranger being a secret angel in a time of need.  This movie was real, it pulled at your heart strings and it reaffirms what I believe, there are G-dly messages everywhere, whether it be wisdom shared in a church or synagogue or going to a Moms event with Jennifer Garner.  G-d talks to everyone in different ways, this time it’s through one of America’s biggest and brightest stars, Jennifer Garner.  Miracles from Heaven are everywhere and it’s up to us to keep our hearts and eyes open to be witness to them. Thanks Moms for always having interesting and thought provoking events that make you ponder the meaning of life.  Save 1 Person. Save The World one miracle at a time.




I worked at TV networks years ago, and I loved the glitz and glamour of it.  What it lacked for me sometimes was meaning. I remember promoting Cindy Crawford’s latest look at the beach or Monica Lewinsky’s sexcapades and I would think is this all there really is in life? After I left the fast paced environment of the TV industry, I started a non profit called Save 1 Person.  Although I love this work, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than to see your team, as part of the process to save a life, at times this work can be very heavy.  Since I’ve been attending, The Moms events ( it’s been combining two worlds I love, one of intrigue and one of meaning.  Since, I’ve been attending the Moms events it reminds me that there are many, many ways to save a life. Quite, often it’s sharing stories of hope, inspiration and courage from all walks of life.  Everyone has a story that can touch, move and inspire others to carry on and fight the good fight despite the obstacles along the way. And we need desperately to hear these stories, to know we are not alone. And that others have persevered and others have created a path, and if they can overcome their challenges, we can too.

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