I couldn’t believe it, I attended a screening of the unbelievable movie, Bridge of Spies, starring Tom Hanks and Directed by my childhood hero Steven Spielberg.  Seriously, I kept pinching myself to believe I was attending the screening with these two Hollywood giants.  After the movie these two legendary men took part in a question and answer session with the audience and others.  I was in shock I was there and hung on every word from these two super stars.  I couldn’t help but think while watching this movie, how this film directly relates to the mission of Save 1 Person (Save1person.org).  Every life matters. Let me explain, the movie is about an American lawyer, James Donovan, who is recruited by the CIA during the cold war to rescue an American pilot.  During this period, of negotiations for the American pilot, a student is captured in East Germany that comes to the attention of this lawyer. No one wanted to fight for this student and everyone was  ready to leave this student behind in the negotiations.  This lawyer felt differently, risked it all, for one life. Despite being told, that he was not to jeopardize the negotiations for this student. James Donovan knew the importance of one life. The point to me of this movie was not about the cold war, or spies, or the fantastic acting that spells out Oscars for everyone.  The point of this movie was to convey the universal message that every life matters and we don’t leave anyone behind.  And when we convey that message to the masses, it creates ripples effects in the universe that have infinite possibilities for mankind.  Save 1 Person. Save The World.